Silly Talks

I might be young and people tend to missjudge me based on my age. Every since I was 16 yrs old I have been looking for that one love that will be able to satisfy me in every possible way, from sexually all the way to being emotionally satisfied.
I have dated more than anyone that I know, and I have met different people from different races, cultures, backgrounds, etc.
I came to the conclusion that in search for love, pain and agony will be along the way and its a tough path to take considering all of the rocks that are in the way.
Many men dont want to settle, others are looking for just fun, others have a different meaning of what relationship is all about, other are ready to settle but don’t know where they stand.
What I do not understand about Men is that, how could they do not want to settle? Aren’t they afraid of being alone? Don’t they know that at some point, they will get old and they won’t be able to hold sexual relations with any woman they want?
Also, people tend to give me advices such as: be friendly, dont give in to easy, dont show your love for him, be a b*tch cause thats what they like, and all this advices makes love to be a game in which one must be able to win.
For me, Love is a feeling that its mutual. Its the purest feeling a human being can learn to have.
In NYC its soo difficult to find love, as I get judged for being hispanic, young age, color of my skin, profession. Its so dissapointing.

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